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Hot Dawg. This summer has been a sweaty climate disaster. If you are feeling the heat, think about your pet. Give them a pampering & a cool down with some sustainably made products.

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Lip Balm

Please be patient. Good things take...

We are always busy experimenting with new ingredients, products and methods. We also work our hardest to deliver eco-friendly packaging, occasionaly this doesn't work out. Products with plastic packaging will always be labelled as such on this website.

Have never used a cleanser that left my face feeling so clean, fresh and baby soft!

Antonia Yim refering to our 'Anti- Aging Cleanser'

Would just like to let you know that I absolutely love your foot balm with menthol. I especially like using it on my heels which tend to be rough - applying the foot balm does wonders, though. It is the most effective footbalm to soften the skin on my heels that I have ever used!

Helga refering to our 'Menthol Foot Balm'

The lip balm is very soothing on dry lips and is not too greasy. Excellent products in bio friendly containers with no plastic packaging.

Melanie refering to our Luxury Rose Lip Balm